Poppies: prolific elusive

For the last few years I have tried, in vain, to grow poppies. I have scattered seeds. I have planted plugs. I have nurtured tiny green shoots, indoors and out. I have bought very expensive specimens with very impressive names from well-known suppliers of repute. All of my efforts have been fruitless.

One or two larger plants survived long enough to reveal scarlet petals, beautiful, bold but fragile, within the first day or two devoured by slugs, or scattered by the breeze. I have planted in poor soil – as per the received wisdom, in good soil, in pots and in the ground, all to no avail.

It seems that I am destined to appreciate these most lovely of wild flowers only in the wild as nature intended. And in car parks. By road sides. On waste ground. In cracks between old paving stones. Growing out of wall crevices. Anywhere except in my garden. Oh well…….. Here are some I saw earlier 🙂

poppy 5

poppy 4

poppy 3

poppy 2

poppy 1

I received no less than ten spam messages through WordPress last week, different names but clearly the same person, informing me that unless I pay a certain amount of bitcoins by 1st June they would hijack my account and send all sorts of nasty communications posing as me. I have been promised a bad name and that I will be thrown out of blog world and shunned by all the universe if I don’t pay up. Oh dear! If this calamity comes to pass, please know it’s not really me. It’s been a pleasure. Enjoy the poppies 😄


4 thoughts on “Poppies: prolific elusive

  1. Eunice June 1, 2019 / 9:25 am

    Well it’s now June 1st and I’m reading this post so presumably your account hasn’t been hijacked/deleted or otherwise disappeared. Scammers/hackers are the scum of the earth – I had my ebay account hacked while I was away on holiday last December, it took ages to sort out when I got back. Even now I’m suffering the after effects with monthly ‘fees’ being taken from my bank for a ‘seller’s bill’ I didn’t pay – a ‘bill’ I was unaware of as I’m not a seller. Hopefully now all sorted but it’s been b***dy annoying.

    Anyway, back to the poppies. Red is my favourite colour and I love to see poppies growing wild in odd places – I hope you do eventually manage to grow your own 🙂

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    • Welcome to the Beautiful North June 1, 2019 / 10:19 am

      Thanks, Eunice. That sounds like a nightmare! 😯 I didn’t really expect those ridiculous threats to amount to anything, but you never know. I think some chancer is trying their luck. Thousands of folks probably got the same messages in the hope that somebody would be naive or frightened enough to pay up. At least it shows that WordPress spam filters are working.


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