It’s turned out nice again


In the words of a well-known George Formby song, ‘it’s turned out nice again’ today. Though cold for the last day of March, the sun has shone and, more importantly, it’s been dry. The weather has become more, or less, significant to many of us over the past week or so. Dry days have made those permitted walks, runs and bike rides possible for those who are able to get outside their four walls. Even for those like me who are working from home, it’s great just to sit in the garden for a bit, or even do a bit of planting, pruning and tidying up.


There is new growth in the garden, plenty of it, but not a lot of colour yet. With little prospect of holidays or even day trips for some time, those lucky enough to have even the smallest of green patches will, no doubt, enjoy them even more than usual in the weeks, or even possibly months, ahead. The few snowdrops that bloomed in my little garden are long gone, and one or two crocuses are clinging on, but the bright and cheerful daffodils are still making me smile.




I decided to go into town yesterday to deposit some cash and a cheque into the bank. Cash is exceedingly frowned upon at the moment, so I felt guilty handing it over when it was eventually my turn to cross the bank’s threshold, having satisfied the lady on the door that I had a good enough reason to enter, i.e. a purpose that couldn’t be accomplished through the use of the cash machine outside. It was very unnerving to see people queueing, spaced so very far apart, to enter the few businesses that remained open.

From the bank I had one more call to make inside the shopping arcade, though there was very little shopping going on. The jocular security guy again asked me what my business was. I gave the right answer, passed the test and was admitted. As I made my way from one store to another of the three that were open, it hit me that in that moment, in that big space, there was just me and the statue of George Formby, immortalised with his ukulele in his hand. It was surreal. I’m sure George would have come up with some jolly ditty to raise folks’ spirits at a time like this, as many ordinary people are doing in all sorts of ways right now through social media. Good on them.

The Grand Arcade is built on the site of the former Wigan Casino, the legendary home of Northern Soul. There is a plaque which marks the exact spot of the Casino entrance outside a well-known mobile phone shop, but I can’t show you a picture here as that area is cordoned off; none of the stores at bottom end sells food. Like George’s lyrics, Northern Soul’s motto was a happy one, never more relevant than now: ‘Keep the faith!’. Keep smiling everyone, and be safe.





12 thoughts on “It’s turned out nice again

  1. Eunice March 31, 2020 / 11:16 pm

    This current situation has certainly changed the way we go about our daily lives hasn’t it? I love your daffodils, they look so bright and cheerful 🙂

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  2. ms6282 April 1, 2020 / 6:24 am

    Strange times indeed. A little sunshine has been welcome (although it’s turned grey the last few days). Thank goodness for the Plantations, otherwise I think I’d be going crazy!

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    • Welcome to the Beautiful North April 1, 2020 / 6:48 am

      I’m a homebody by nature and sometimes have to make myself go out so it’s fine at the moment, but I guess it depends how long it will go on for. It’s the working from home that’s a pain. From Friday, I’m off for two weeks. Woo hoo! I’ll be spoilt for choice between the 4 corners of the garden 😁

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      • ms6282 April 1, 2020 / 10:54 am

        I often work from home but at least half of my time is out running training courses in hotels and visiting clients. But now having to work 100% from home. This week am running a week long course over the internet – a new experience! Not sure what future holds – how long can we hold our little company together?

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      • Welcome to the Beautiful North April 1, 2020 / 11:22 am

        I wish you well with that. These are very troubling times. Teaching online classes is proving much more problematic than anticipated for me and my colleagues for all sorts of reasons. Still at least we have job security, so much to be thankful for.


      • ms6282 April 2, 2020 / 3:42 pm

        Teaching online requires quite a few changes to face to face approaches. I’ve been running on line tutorials for the University for about 10 years and learned a lot from that. But running a full week course has taken things up several notches!
        Take care of yourself

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  3. shazza April 2, 2020 / 2:34 pm

    I love the daffodils , they look like they are standing to attention. 🙂
    Must have been fun social distancing from George Formby. 😅

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    • Welcome to the Beautiful North April 10, 2020 / 7:50 am

      I wish I did, Matthew. My garden is only small so there’s no room at present. I have two small sheds, one of them not in great condition, so when that eventually goes I hope to replace it with a little greenhouse.


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